Weed Control & Fertilization

Beautiful lawns need weed control and fertilization in order to remain healthy and beautiful, and we are determined to keep your yard looking perfect. We have a Georgia Commercial Pesticide license, which means we’re specially certified to treat your turf and plants. Each yard is different, and PLM prides itself on developing a weed control and fertilization program that is unique to your lawn. We’ll make a recommendation after surveying your yard and identifying its needs.

Weed Control

At PLM, we carefully select the right chemical for your needs, and we offer a program that includes six to eight herbicide applications per year. If your yard needs a unique program, however, we can develop a weed control regimen specifically for you. We treat several types of grass, including

  • Bermuda grass can usually keep weeds at bay if it is well managed. Regular mowing through our basic lawn maintenance package should take care of most weeds. For any stubborn, undesirable weeds, our team will use the necessary chemicals.
  • Zoysia grass repels weeds throughout the year, but even the toughest grasses need extra help
  • To keep weeds like crabgrass out of Centipede grass, we’ll apply herbicide early in the spring
  • Augustine grass is sensitive to some herbicides, so we carefully select herbicides when dealing with this grass
  • Weeds jeopardize Fescue grass, choking it out of water, soil, and nutrients, so our team will make sure your grass stays healthy

We use herbicides that kill weeds like dandelion, Poa annua (annual bluegrass), crabgrass, and Lespedeza. We also target ants and insects with insecticide.


Plants need nutrient-rich soil and good drainage in order to thrive, but they quickly exhaust the soil of its nutrients. Too little fertilizer won’t accomplish the job, but too much can kill your plants. We know the perfect balance. At PLM, we return nutrients to the soil by fertilizing in the summer when the soil reaches the proper temperature (about 55 or 65 degrees). This builds stronger plant roots and gives your lawn a better color. We fertilize four times during the summer.

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